Working Out Your Divorce Outside of Court

You have made the difficult decision to divorce your spouse.  When the emotions behind your decision subside, your first concern is likely, what will a divorce cost me?  In fact, polling of spouses headed towards divorce reveals that cost is the number one concern.  Divorcing spouses are already about to experience the dismantling of their financial lives.  The potential cost of a divorce can be frightening in the face of all the financial changes to come.

For some, fear of a costly divorce leads them to forego hiring a divorce attorney.  These do-it-yourselfers feel that a divorce attorney is an unnecessary expense they can cut out.  This can, however, be a costly mistake because a divorce attorney can assist you in achieving one crucial, cost-saving thing— working out your divorce outside of the courtroom.

Going to court is costly.  You will have to pay for your attorney’s time, preparation, and sometimes even the costs of an expert.  Going to court is also time-consuming and intimidating.  Perhaps most importantly, going to court leaves decisions on the things that matter most to you in the hands of the judge—who may not make decisions you agree with.  You do not want to leave decisions like the custody of your children, the division of your assets, and the amount of alimony you will receive up to a stranger.

For these reasons, most people headed towards divorce want to avoid the courtroom at all costs.  A skilled defense attorney can help you to effectuate your divorce outside of the classroom, saving you time, money, and achieving the results you desire.  Here are some tips to avoiding the courtroom in Mississippi:

  1. Retain a skilled Mississippi divorce attorney early on—it is important that you begin to work towards a favorable settlement agreement as soon as possible.  An experienced divorce attorney adept at negotiations will be your best tool towards reaching an agreement.  Spouses who attempt to do it themselves may be caught early on heading to preliminary hearings in court which can result in the judge making decisions you do not agree with.  Instead of taking your chances in court, consult with a divorce attorney experienced in negotiations and ensure you receive the outcome you desire.
  2. Take the emotions out of it–some of the best advice a divorce attorney can give is to view your divorce as a business deal.  Set the emotions aside.  Emotions have their time and place, but they should not become a part of settlement negotiations.  Sadly, many divorcing spouses end up logging countless courtroom hours because their anger towards the other spouse leads them to seek litigation.  These courtroom battles will often involve the drudging up of spousal faults, such as infidelities and can be painful for all parties involved, particularly children.  If you are able to separate your emotions from the business aspect of the divorce, you will be able to rationally negotiate with your soon to be ex.
  3. Hire an attorney who will act as a problem solver—it is crucial to retain the assistance of a divorce attorney early on to begin the process of reaching a settlement agreement.  It is important, however, not to select just any attorney.  You need to retain an attorney who will be a problem solver—not a problem creator.  Some attorneys look to create conflict situations that will land them in the courtroom.  These types of attorneys will not help you in your quest to avoid the courtroom.  Instead, select an attorney who supports your goals.  Make sure your attorney has extensive negotiation experience and is open to a meeting of all parties to resolve the issues.

Matthew S. Poole is an experienced Mississippi divorce attorney with exceptional skill in negotiation.  As a compassionate divorce attorney, Matthew wants to see you obtain your divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible.  To this end, Matthew will work with you to successfully avoid the courtroom and settle your divorce outside of court.  Call Matthew today at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a consultation.

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