Why Math Matters in Divorce

Math. For many people, this four letter word ranks among many of the “other” four letter words that are simply obscene. Whether you are a math whiz or not does not matter. What does matter are the numbers that you see during your divorce, so it is important that you pay close attention to them.

Many clients approach their divorces with at least some idea of what they would like the result to be. They think about what items of property they would like to receive through the property distribution, and they think of other things that are important to them. What may not figure in to these initial thoughts about what a party might wish to accomplish through their divorce is how much all of those things are worth.

A fifty-fifty division of “worth” in a divorce is rare, but the more general idea of “fairness” that is often applied to the process of assessing a proposed division of assets does not preclude worth from entering into the equation. In fact, the numbers which are associated with the various aspects of a divorce can help parties to decide whether a proposed property division or other agreement will give them a fair share of things.

One area in which numbers matter very much is the disposition of the marital home. Couples have options regarding the disposition of their home, which is often their most valuable asset. One spouse can buy out the other at the present time, or can arrange to do so by a later date. The home could be put on the market right away, with the proceeds being split between the parties. There are other options too, such as paying rent or occupying the home for a number of years and then letting the other party occupy it for the same number of years. Since options can be as creative as parties want them to be, it is essential that parties understand the costs of each option that is presented to them.

Unfortunately, when you take a closer look at the numbers in your divorce case, you may find that the set of agreements which would give you the best “deal” financially are not the agreements that you had envisioned yourself making. Things like selling the home and splitting the proceeds often give both parties a better “deal” than either would get with a future buyout. Also, if a party does not take a close enough look at the numbers which are reflected in a proposed settlement, they are in danger of accepting a “deal” that does not give them an equitable share of the assets which are involved in the divorce. This often happens when one party just wants “out” of the marriage and desires a quick settlement. If this applies to you, take the time to check the math, and do not accept a settlement offer which does not give you a fair deal.

While you may need to consult with a CPA to understand some of the numbers in your Mississippi divorce, a Mississippi Divorce Attorney can help you to understand the divorce process and pursue the results that you desire. Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole is an experienced Mississippi divorce attorney who is known for achieving favorable results for his clients. To find out how Matthew can help you, call our office today, at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free consultation.

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Why Math Matters in Divorce
Mississippi Divorce Attorney discusses why mathematics matter in Mississippi divorce cases.