What Everyone Should Consider When Getting a Divorce in Mississippi

As experienced Mississippi divorce attorneys, we have never heard of someone who is completely satisfied after having gone through the divorce process. Even if a divorce is inevitably the best option for you, it undoubtedly leaves no winners, and is often painstaking and difficult to endure for all parties, including the children of the impending severed marriage.  We often hear clients saying that they want their day in court however, this never seems to rise to the level of satisfaction that they are seeking.  As such, we recommend that you consider the following tips when pursuing a divorce, as it can help you reshape your focus to better deal with the emotional and physically taxing aspects inherent in the dissolution process.

Think about it this way – your divorce proceeding is much like a game of strategy.  While most people think that arguing tooth and nail about every little thing is the best way to approach a divorce (i.e., to purposefully make your spouse miserable), we don’t recommend this option.  Specifically, the more you argue over the little things, the more difficult it will be to get what you want in the end.  For instance, when you do nothing but argue with your spouse throughout the divorce process, it will be harder to get them to concede to things that you may want, such as the family car, the house, and family pets.

There is a reason why a divorce is often called a “dissolution proceeding”.   In other words, there is no way to go from deciding to get divorced one day to actually being divorced the next, as getting a divorce can sometimes be a long and drawn out process.  This is especially prevalent among people who have been married for a significant amount of time.  In essence, the longer your marriage lasted, the more issues you may have to resolve.  It is also important to consider that the quicker you try to fast forward your divorce, the more likely that you may end up getting the shorter end of the stick in the end.

The more planning you do, the better off you will be.  It goes without saying that once you think that a divorce is on the horizon, it is best to start collecting evidence in support of your position.  For instance, if you think that your spouse has been unfaithful during the marriage and you have emails or other tangible evidence to back this up, keep these handy and don’t lose them.  Once you hire an attorney, be sure to give them to him or her so that they can help you build your case.  Moreover, we also suggest that when planning a divorce, you consider who will take what, who will leave the marital home, who will stay, how you plan on divvying up the expenses, and with whom the children should reside, etc.

Don’t air your dirty laundry.  Nowadays, Facebook postings are being used against spouses on nearly a daily basis.  How is this so?  When people get angry, (which is completely normal during the divorce process), it is easy to post our frustrations on Facebook, letting our friends know how we feel and gathering their support.  However, these can be used against you, and for several reasons.  For example, we had a client whose spouse was trying to seek more maintenance from him.  Despite claiming to be in financial straits, our client was able to produce to the court Facebook postings that she had made about her recent trip to the Caribbean, suggesting that she was anything but destitute.   We cannot underscore enough the importance of avoiding the posting of potentially inflammatory or private information on public webpages – especially on those of which your spouse and/or his or her friends and family, may have access.

Talk to your children and make all efforts to get along with your spouse, despite how difficult it may be.  Divorce is hard enough on your children, but throwing them into the center of the controversy is the worst thing that you can do, and may have long term or even permanent consequences.  To illustrate, when one parent tries to turn their kids against the other spouse, nothing good comes from it, potentially leaving all parties angry, frustrated and resentful.  Avoid this at all costs, and if you cannot seem to get along with your spouse despite all reasonable efforts, consider getting counseling to help ease the process for everyone involved.

Don’t represent yourself.  There is a reason why even lawyers who represent themselves can be fools.  If you do not seek representation, or you hire an attorney who is not experienced in handling divorce cases, you may subject yourself to unwanted liability and other serious issues.  A divorce is traumatic enough as it is and having a skilled attorney is key.

If you are seeking a divorce in Mississippi, give us a call to learn more about your legal options, your potential liability exposure, how to prove your case, and the nature and extent of your rights and responsibilities.  We look forward to providing you with excellent representation.

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