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What You Need to Know About Settling Your Mississippi Divorce Case

Saturday, March 1st, 2014

If you are involved in a Mississippi divorce, you may wonder whether your divorce case will end in a trial. Perhaps you and your soon to be former spouse are having a hard time deciding how you will share custody of the kids. Maybe you are currently fighting over who will get to remain in the marital home. You may not even be speaking to each other at all. Whatever your situation is, it is still very likely that your divorce case will end in a settlement instead of with a trial. After all, ninety five percent of all divorce cases settle, so the odds of reaching a settlement are in your favor.

There are two major reasons for the high rate of settlement in divorce cases. The first reason involves the issue of why people are motivated to settle their divorce cases. There is actually a very powerful incentive for couples to settle their divorces. This incentive is that settling a divorce gives the parties the power to decide how to share custody of their children, how to divide their property, and how to address any other issues relevant to their case.

Even couples with high levels of interpersonal conflict are able to realize that both parties will get more of what they want out of their divorce if they create their own divorce settlement instead of letting a judge decide it for them. It makes a great deal of sense, if you think about it. The parties know what property they have, and they know which items are most important to each of them. A property settlement that they work out on their own will therefore allocate their assets and liabilities in a more satisfactory way than a property settlement that is dictated by a court. Couples with children know what parenting schedules would work for their families, so any parent child contact schedule that they arrive at through settlement is going to be better for them than a custody order which is created by the court.

The other major reason why most divorce cases are able to settle has to do with how settlements are reached. Many divorcing couples have problems communicating, and it is not unusual for the parties to be unable to speak with each other in a calm and reasonable manner. Once the parties retain attorneys, communication usually improves because the parties communicate through their attorneys instead of directly with each other. They can help the parties to create settlement offers and propose those offers to the other party’s attorney. When a proposal comes in from the other party, the attorney can explain it to their client and offer advice as to whether or not the proposal is reasonable.

Mississippi divorce attorneys are skilled at helping couples reach settlements so that they do not have to spend the time and money on going to trial. The advice of an experienced divorce attorney is essential for evaluating proposed settlement offers. Your divorce attorney can help you to obtain a divorce settlement that reflects your wants and needs. Matthew S. Poole is a seasoned Mississippi divorce attorney with unmatched skill in negotiation and a proven track record for achieving favorable settlements. Matthew cares about his clients, and works hard to help each client obtain their divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible.  Matthew S. Poole will work with you to settle your divorce in a manner that will leave you emotionally and financially ready for your new post-divorce life.  Call Matthew today at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free consultation.