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Winning Child Custody in Mississippi

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

It is essential for parents seeking to get sole physical custody of their children to understand the custody laws of their state – especially in order to prepare themselves for demonstrating that they are the “better” parent for purposes of child custody.   In Mississippi, it is particularly important to consider that the court will analyze child custody using the best interest standard, which may or may not result in you being awarded sole custody.   As such, hiring an experienced Mississippi family law attorney to help you is certainly ideal, as they are experienced in handling these types of cases and also, in zealously advocating the wishes of their client during the divorce process.

Many parents challenge custody with the desire of obtaining sole physical custody of their children.  Usually, parents argue for this form of custody due to their concerns about the fitness and ability of the other parent to house and care for their children.  Regardless of the reason for pursuing sole custody, it is crucial to understand that there is a high burden to overcome when trying to prove one’s entitlement to sole custody in Mississippi.  In other words, Mississippi courts, in awarding sole custody, will require a showing by the party seeking sole custody that he or she is a better parent than the other.  Moreover, Mississippi judges tend to be reluctant in causing anything to get in the way of a parent’s relationship with their children given the presumption that both parents are equally capable of caring for their children. As such, a party seeking sole custody must make a showing that they are better suited to care for the children and more able to meet their individualized needs.

How then, can you prove that you are the better parent for purposes of getting sole custody?  Typically, a Mississippi court will analyze your children’s sleeping patterns, daily routines, extra-curricular activities and other factors when making this determination.  The more you demonstrate your ability to support and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for your children, the more likely a court will take notice of this in rendering a custody decision.  Mississippi courts will also consider the emotional stability of the children.   Meaning, they will examine how the children fair with each parent and how well adapted they are to being with them.  Additionally, they will also take into consideration whether the parent seeking sole custody has appropriately addressed the emotional needs of the children, such as getting them counseling or other types of therapy in the event that they are struggling.

If you are interested in getting a divorce, it is essential to speak with a Mississippi family law attorney capable of handling these types of cases.  Only a skilled attorney can help you determine what your legal options are, the nature and extent of your rights and responsibilities, and how to optimize your chances of getting what you want out of your divorce case.  Give us a call now – we look forward to providing you with excellent representation.

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