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Alimony in Mississippi Divorce Cases

Monday, August 20th, 2012

In Mississippi, alimony – also known as spousal support – can come in several forms, such as permanent periodic alimony, lump sum alimony, rehabilitative alimony and reimbursement alimony.   The relevant factors in determining an alimony award in Mississippi include whether it can be modified, how payments are made, whether all at once or over a period of time, and whether it terminates upon certain conditions, such as remarriage or death of either the paying or recipient spouse.

With regard to permanent periodic alimony, this is normally available to the receiving party until he or she either remarries or dies.   Additionally, this type of alimony can also be modified if there is an unforeseeable and substantial change in circumstances.   In the event that you have exposure to this form of alimony, you must try and avoid it no matter what – as you may get stuck paying this for the rest of your life.  If you do end up having to pay this form of alimony, it is tax deductible and also, qualifies as income to your former spouse.

As for lump sum alimony, this is payable to your former spouse as a lump sum payment, as its name suggests.  This type of alimony however, unlike permanent periodic alimony, generally cannot be modified, is not tax deductible, and does not lapse upon the death or remarriage of either the receiving or paying spouse.  This form of alimony is often ideal for a person who may be liable to a spouse, as it has a set end date, whether paid all at once or in installments.

While lump sum alimony can be awarded for a myriad of reasons, rehabilitative alimony is typically awarded to a spouse in order to help them become more self-supportive and also, to prevent insolvency.  Often times, if a spouse wants to go back to school or obtain some other form of vocational training, rehabilitative alimony is usually the best option.   Lastly, reimbursement alimony is a type of alimony that essentially pays a spouse back for allowing the other spouse to advance their own professional objectives.   A prime example of this type of alimony is when a lawyer’s wife decided to take care of the home and kids while her spouse went to law school.

If you are considering getting a divorce in Mississippi, it is best to consult with an attorney experienced in handling the various nuances and complexities associated with these types of cases.  Don’t go about your case alone, which can make you more vulnerable to various liabilities, such as alimony.  Only an attorney can assist you in determining what your legal options are, the nature and extent of your rights and responsibilities, and how to limit your potential liability.  Give us a call now – we look forward to the opportunity of providing you with excellent and sophisticated representation.

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