Mississippi Family Law Attorney Talks about Unpaid Child Support

When parents enter into a child support agreement or they are given a child support order by the court, they expect that they will receive child support. Unfortunately, as many parents know all too well, an agreement or even a court order does not always guarantee that the promised or required support will be forthcoming.

The problem of unpaid child support is a nationwide issue. Here in Mississippi and in many other places, there are parents who owe child support amounts that amount to thousands of dollars apiece. The parents are not just the “deadbeat dads” that are often pointed out in media accounts of the problem. The parents who fail to pay child support are men and women. The problem is also not restricted to a specific economic status, either. Some of the parents who owe thousands of dollars in child support are, in fact, impoverished, but others are financially stable or even wealthy.

In one county in Georgia, a full thirty five percent of parents who have been ordered to pay child support have failed to pay at least some of the amount that they were ordered to pay. Court officers visit their homes looking for them. Sometimes they do locate the individuals and arrest them, but often they do not. Sometimes the money is able to be collected, and other times it is not. To further complicate matters, many parents who are owed child support are unable to afford an attorney who can help them pursue a case against the other parent for the unpaid support.

When parents who are due child support do not receive it, they are forced to make do with what resources they have or can earn on their own. They also must often find additional work in order to make ends meet, and this sometimes involves placing their children in the care of others for even more time than they already do. This sort of constant financial and physical struggling to stay afloat is stressful for parents, to be sure, but the children are the ones who miss out even more. They can sense, if not always see, the stress and struggles that their parent endures in order to provide them with the basics – food, shelter, and a little clothing. They also miss out on spending time with their parent, especially when the parent must work additional hours and have the child attend day care or after school programs, or stay with a babysitter or family member while they do so.

If unpaid child support is a problem for you, it may be time for you to pursue the funds that you and your children deserve. Mississippi Family Law Attorney Matthew S. Poole may be able to help you get the back child support that you are owed, and get the child support payments flowing regularly again. To learn more, call our office today, at (601) 573-7429, to set up a free consultation.


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Mississippi Family Law Attorney Talks about Unpaid Child Support
Mississippi Family Law Attorney discusses the implications of unpaid child support.