Mississippi Family Law Attorney Says Single Dads are Not Uncommon

In Mississippi, there are more children who are being raised in single-parent households than there are being raised by married parents. Approximately two out of every three kids in Mississippi are being raised by single parents. While many single-parent households in Mississippi belong to mothers, there are plenty of single fathers here, too.

Unfortunately, even as the number of single dads continues to rise, society is slow to acknowledge and accept the changing face of the single-parent household. There are nine times as many single dads in America right now as there were in the 1960’s. Part of the reason that people may be slow to catch on to the fact that there are more single dads now then there ever were before is that some people hold onto a traditional view of child-rearing as something that is done mainly by a child’s mother.

This traditional view has proven to be problematic because it has created additional challenges for single fathers, who are already working hard to navigate the ins and outs of their kids on their own. Many single dads report that they notice that other people, including fellow parents, teachers, coaches, and co-workers seem to regard them with a mixture of disbelief and disapproval.

Sometimes, both single fathers and their children feel left out because of the way that other people treat them. Children are not always kind to one another, and children of single fathers are sometimes singled out and picked on because their family situation is different than what many kids are used to. The views of other parents on the subject of single fatherhood can get in the way of single dads and their kids enjoying certain activities together. For example, hosting sleepover parties can prove difficult because parents are often reluctant to let their daughters spend the night at a home where there are no adult females present.

Fortunately, although society as a whole is not as accepting of single fathers as it could be, the legal system in Mississippi recognizes that fathers are just as capable of mothers of raising their children, even on their own. An increasing body of Mississippi case law supports custody decisions that serve the best interest of the child, regardless of whether that means that custody goes to the mother, the father, or it is shared equally between both parents. The criteria by which a court determines the best interest of the child in Mississippi consists of a group of factors called the “Albright Factors”. The application of the Albright Factors in multiple court decisions has shown that they do not favor one gender over another.

If you are a father who is seeking custody of your children, you need a strong advocate who can help you present your very best case to the family court. If you have questions or concerns about a Mississippi child custody case, Mississippi Family Law Attorney Matthew S. Poole may be able to help you. Please call my office today, at (601) 573-7429 today, to schedule a free, initial consultation.

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Mississippi Family Law Attorney Says Single Dads are Not Uncommon
Mississippi Family Law Attorney discusses how single dads are less uncommon.