Mississippi Family Law Attorney Says Parents who Fail to Pay Child Support May go to Jail

There are many types of parents in Mississippi. Unfortunately, one type of parent that exists in Mississippi (as they do everywhere else) is the parent who believes that they can avoid their child support obligations indefinitely without eventually encountering harsh consequences. A couple of recent incidents in Mississippi show that this is simply not true. These incidents show that parents who don’t pay child support may eventually be sentenced to jail.

An Ohio man was recently given a five year sentence in Forrest County as the result of his failure to pay child support. In addition to paying over fifty thousand dollars in back child support, he must serve two years of his sentence in prison, with the remaining three years to be served on supervised probation. This particular incident also illustrates that the State of Mississippi is capable of locating parents outside of the state and holding them accountable for their failure to pay child support.

Another man fled the scene of a traffic stop because he was afraid that he would be arrested for failing to pay child support. There was a warrant out for the man’s arrest at the time that officers attempted to stop his vehicle. At first, the man did not stop his vehicle. When the man eventually stopped and exited the vehicle, he ran into a thickly wooded area in an attempt to evade law enforcement officers.

When child custody cases are resolved by settlement or through court proceedings, a child support order is often part of the outcome. In some cases, parents waive child support because they agree that since both of them share time with the children evenly, their child-related expenses are roughly equal. However, most child custody cases do involve some form of child support calculation and order. Once this order is in place, it can only be changed if a substantial and unanticipated change occurs that affects the paying parent’s ability to meet their child support obligation while still being able to meet their own needs for food, shelter, and the like. These changes, called modifications, are best pursued with the aid of a Mississippi child custody attorney.

Your child support obligation is just that – a legal obligation. If you are a parent who has been ordered to pay child support and you are having trouble paying child support according to the order, it is important that you contact a Mississippi Family Law Attorney right away. An attorney can help you understand more about your child support obligation, including possible consequences of nonpayment. Your attorney may also be able to help you explore options that could temporarily or permanently change the terms of your child support obligation. If you have questions about child support as it pertains to your Mississippi child custody case, Mississippi Family Law Attorney Matthew S. Poole may be able to help you. Please call our office today, at (601) 573-7429, to set up a free consultation.


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Mississippi Family Law Attorney Says Parents who Fail to Pay Child Support May go to Jail
Mississippi Family Law Attorney discusses the consequences of not paying child support.