Mississippi Family Law Attorney Offers Tips on Talking With Your Kids About Your Divorce

If you feel as though you are going to have more difficulty speaking with your kids about your divorce than you had telling your spouse that the marriage was over, you are not alone. Many parents dread having the “we’re divorcing” conversation with their children, because they fear that they will cause emotional damage while doing so. Parents who do feel this way most likely want to have that conversation in the most gentle and positive manner possible, so as to reassure their children that they are and will always be loved and safe. Since conversations about divorce are difficult for both kids and adults, it is important that you wait to have the conversation until you know for sure that the divorce is going to happen.

Advance preparation is essential for a smooth and successful conversation with the kids about your divorce. If ever there were a conversation that should not be had on the fly, this is it. Since a divorce involves both parents, talk with your spouse ahead of time about how and when the discussion should take place. It is best for both parents to be present during the conversation, so plan to have the conversation at a time that will work for both of you and for all of the children. Be sure to leave enough time for the conversation itself, and for you to address the emotions that arise and the barrage of questions that are likely to ensue following such a major announcement.

Don’t let your spouse off the hook after you have set the time and date for the conversation. Work together to set up ground rules for the conversation, and plan out which topics you will address. At the very least, establish an expectation that you will not blame each other, you will refrain from saying negative things about each other in front of the kids, and, perhaps most importantly, that you will not pressure the kids to take sides. As far as subject matter is concerned, it is best to stick to the basics, and to information that will help the kids understand how the divorce is likely to impact their lives.

When the time comes to have the conversation, follow your game plan. Keep it simple and age appropriate, but be sure to give the kids enough information about how the divorce will affect their day to day lives to help them understand what the future holds. If many things will be remaining the same, as far as daily and weekly routines, do not hesitate to emphasize that because it can help kids to feel secure. By the same token, don’t avoid discussing the ways in which things will be different, because when kids have advance notice of changes that will take place in their lives, they are often better able to process them when they happen. Above all, offer plenty of reassurance that the divorce is between you and your spouse, and that it is in no way about them.

While you and your spouse are the ones who must do the heavy lifting as far as talking to your kids about divorce, your Mississippi Divorce Attorney can take care of many of the details regarding your divorce so that you are free to tend to the needs of your children during this time of transition. To find out how Mississippi Family Law Attorney Matthew S. Poole can help you with your divorce, please call our office today, at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free consultation.

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Mississippi Family Law Attorney Offers Tips on Talking With Your Kids About Your Divorce
Mississippi Family Law Attorney offers tips on communicating about divorce to your children.