Mississippi Family Law Attorney Offers Tips for Productive Co-Parenting

If you are a divorcing parent, you may wonder how you will be able to keep your relationship with your soon-to-be former spouse civil enough to engage in co-parenting. The good news is that there are things that you can do to increase the chance that your adventures in co-parenting will have the desired effect of helping your children thrive both during and after your divorce.

The term co-parenting may seem like it implies very close involvement with your children’s other parent. While this is true, and while co-parenting does involve a great deal of interaction and communication, there is also a place in the co-parenting relationship where a little distance can be a very good thing. More specifically, the less concerned you make yourself with what goes on at the other parent’s home, the better off you will be. Unless there is a major health or safety concern, it is best to let go of any need that you have to know everything that goes on, or to try to influence it.

Did you know that you are a model? Your divorce has made you and your children’s other parent into models of how family relationships work during a divorce. If you keep this thought in mind, you may find that you treat your children’s other parent with care and respect, even when you disagree with them. When children see this, they learn how to maintain civil relationships in tough times. This is a valuable lesson that will serve them later on in life in any type of adversarial situation that they may encounter.

Acknowledging your feelings is important, and separating your actions from your feelings is even more so. You have every right to feel frustrated, angry, or whatever else you are feeling towards your children’s other parent right now. However, the way that you choose to express those feelings can have a big impact on your kids. If you choose to remain calm and avoid badmouthing, manipulating, or other negative behaviors, your children will learn from your example. It is essential that you deal with those feelings, too, instead of bottling them up inside. Building a support network of people whom you can vent to or talk with is very helpful in this regard.

Keeping rules and routines perfectly consistent between households is not always possible, but if you and your soon to be former spouse can agree on some guiding principles which you feel are important for raising children and create rules based upon those principles, you may be able to come up with some basic rules that the two of you can apply in each of your homes. Children thrive in environments where rules and routines are consistent, so it is worth investing some time talking to your soon to be former spouse about how you will proceed.

Divorce is not easy. Divorce with kids is even harder, because you have their needs and feelings to account for at every step of the way. Matthew S. Poole is an experienced Mississippi Family Law Attorney who is known for providing caring and compassionate legal counsel. To find out how Matthew can help you, please call our office today at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free consultation.

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Mississippi Family Law Attorney Offers Tips for Productive Co-Parenting
Mississippi Family Law Attorney provides tips for co-parenting following a Mississippi divorce.