Mississippi Family Law Attorney Discusses What You May Have in Common With Many Professional Athletes

Did you know that if you are divorced, divorcing, or considering filing for divorce, you have something in common with many professional athletes? You? Yes. You. Marriage woes are not just a problem for regular people like you; they are a problem which is experienced by many professional athletes. In fact, professional athletes are even more prone to divorce than the rest of us are. Their divorce rate is approximated at between sixty and eighty percent, while the rate for the general population remains fairly constant at about fifty percent.

When you consider the lifestyle of a professional athlete, you can see the areas where troubles often arise. Athletes have schedules which are demanding, between the on season, the off season, training, and other obligations. What’s more, those demanding schedules usually involve travel all over America, and, in some cases, all over the world. The travel and work schedule of a professional athlete can make it difficult for them to establish and maintain strong, long-lasting relationships. Even when they own homes and have children, athletes may not get to spend as much time at home as they would like, or as much as their spouses and kids would like them to.

On top of the traveling and the intense schedule, there is the issue of money. Many athletes are well paid, but some of them mismanage their money. Others come into the unfortunate situation of being in marriages where their spouse mismanages their money for them. Even when money is not mismanaged, it can cause stress if couples disagree over what to do with it.

Infidelity is a leading cause of divorce among athletes, and it is easy to see how that can happen. Athletes often have to spend a lot of time away from their spouses and their families. On top of that, adoring fans are practically throwing themselves at them everywhere they go. Temptation is everywhere, and, it can be hard to resist, especially if your peers are also participating in it.

While some of the problems that lead to the divorces of many professional athletes are unique to those who live lives of fame and fortune, other athletes divorce for reasons that may sound rather familiar. Some decide that they married someone who is not compatible with them. Others have grown apart from their spouses. Some have decided that they would be happier to be single than to be in a relationship.

Another way in which your divorce may resemble that of a professional athlete is that whether you are headed for mediation or negotiation, or your case is going to go to trial, there are athletes whose divorces have gone both of those ways. Some have settled outside of court while others have engaged in very expensive, very public court battles. Whether you are an athlete or not, your Mississippi Divorce Attorney can help you to define your goals and pursue a resolution of your divorce case that will help you to meet those goals. To find out how Mississippi Family Law Attorney Matthew S. Poole can help you with your divorce, please call our office today, at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free consultation.

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Mississippi Family Law Attorney Discusses What You May Have in Common With Many Professional Athletes
Mississippi Family Law Attorney explains what the average divorcing person has in common with professional athletes.