Mississippi Family Law Attorney Discusses Domestic Violence

Divorce is not easy for anyone, but it is even more difficult for those who have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence. Unfortunately, the number of people who are affected by domestic violence continues to increase, which means that there are more divorce cases where domestic violence is a factor. There are also people who would like to get divorced from their abusers, but their abusers effectively prevent them from doing so. Since domestic violence is an issue in many divorce cases, it is an important topic to discuss.

Sometimes, people who are affected by domestic violence do not realize it, or they do not know that what they are experiencing is, in fact, unacceptable treatment which no one deserves to be subjected to. Some situations where there is domestic violence are obvious, marked by incidents of physical abuse. However, there are other ways in which spouses can be abused. When one spouse restricts the other’s access to resources, thereby limiting their options and their freedom, that is a form of abuse. Likewise, a pattern of humiliation, degradation, and belittling that leaves one spouse constantly feeling inferior is indicative of emotional abuse.

If you are in a marriage where you are being abused, you may be afraid to file for divorce. Abusers use scare tactics and threats to deter their spouses from pursuing divorce, but the threat of living with continued abuse that endangers their well-being and the well-being of their children can be enough to cause an abused spouse to commit to ending the marriage, even if it takes a great deal of effort to do so. For example, an abused spouse may have to get themselves and their children out of the home and to a safe living situation before consulting with a family law attorney or filing any paperwork.

It is important that people who have experienced domestic violence do not let it deter them from pursuing a divorce and moving on to the better life that they and their children deserve. Some people who have experienced domestic violence have been made to feel as though they deserved it, they caused it, or that they are somehow to blame. This can make them reluctant to speak to a family law attorney, because they may feel as though the attorney will judge them, or that they will be unable to help them. Family law attorneys are able to help people get divorced, whether they are in abusive relationships or not. Your Mississippi Family Law Attorney is here to help you, and to provide you with guidance that meets your unique needs.

Ending a marriage to an abusive spouse is difficult, but continuing to live with an abusive spouse is even more so. If you have questions about divorce, Mississippi Family Law Attorney Matthew S. Poole can help you understand the divorce process, and work through it every step of the way. Please call us today, at (601) 573-7429 today, to schedule a free, initial consultation.

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Mississippi Family Law Attorney Discusses Domestic Violence
Mississippi Family Law Attorney explains the implications of domestic violence.