Mississippi Divorce Lawyer Provides 5 Steps You Should Take to Have an Amicable Divorce

The term divorce has become nearly synonymous with expense, acrimony, stress, and drawn out litigation.  Often, fear of a costly and bitter divorce leads spouses to postpone initiating the process though divorce is clearly in their best interest.  However, with the right approach, divorce does not have to be demoralizing or tear apart your financial future.  Divorce can be quick, smooth, peaceful, and financially beneficial.  While divorce will never be painless, it can be as stress free as possible.  Below is a list of five steps you should take to achieve an amicable divorce:

  1. Agree to a divorce based on irreconcilable differences—Mississippi is one of the few states that does not allow for no-fault divorce.  However, spouses can file for divorce based upon irreconcilable differences if both parties agree to the divorce.  If there are no contested issues, the divorce can be granted 60 days after the petition is filed.  By having you and your spouse agree to and seek an uncontested divorce based on irreconcilable differences, you will obtain a divorce in as short of time as possible, with very little stress, and no emotional allegations of fault.
  2. Turn to mediation early on—if you and your soon to be ex spouse do not agree on certain divorce issues, it is best to seek mediation as soon as possible.  Mediation is a highly successful process and able to bring most divorces to settlement.  If your goal is an amicable divorce, mediation is often the way to achieve this while still being able to advocate for those divorce issues you care most about.
  3. Retain an attorney who is settlement minded—it is important that your attorney supports your wish for an amicable divorce.  An attorney who seeks conflict and courtroom battles will be a poor choice to lead you to a controversy free settlement.  Instead, look for an attorney who will zealously fight for the best settlement possible while always keeping in mind your goal of maintaining harmony.
  4. Put the children first—often, one of the strongest motivating factors for achieving an amicable divorce is concern for the children involved.  While issues like custody, child support, and visitation are all important and require resolve, it is crucial that divorcing spouses approach each of these with their child’s best interest in mind.  When parents are able to set aside their own emotions over the divorce, they will be better able to make harmonious decisions as to custody arrangements.  Achieving an amicable divorce will be your first step towards successful co-parenting for years to come.
  5. Focus on creating a new life and do not cling to former assets—divvying up assets is often one of the most painful and controversy filled aspects of a divorce.  Rather than becoming bogged down in arguing over assets which is sure to lead to feelings of hurt, divorcing spouses should focus instead on the new life they are about to enter.  Leave the asset division to the attorneys, who will articulately argue for you to receive those assets you are entitled to.

Matthew S. Poole is an experienced divorce attorney with unmatched skill in negotiation and a proven track record for achieving favorable settlements.  As a compassionate attorney, Matthew strives to see every client obtain their divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible.  To this end, Matthew will work with you to successfully accomplish an amicable divorce that will leave you emotionally and financially ready for your new post-divorce life.  Call Matthew today at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free initial consultation.

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