Mississippi Divorce Lawyer: Is It Time to File For a Mississippi Divorce

While some people do a great deal of thinking prior to filing for divorce, others file for divorce impulsively, in the heat of the moment. Divorce is a serious undertaking, and should involve a great deal of thought and planning, especially as to the timing of when you will file for divorce if you come to the conclusion that it is what you need to do. While there are many things to think about in the months or even years leading up to a divorce, there are a few topics that should certainly not go unexplored.

Sometimes, the problem that you are having with your spouse right now is a sign that things need changing within the relationship, instead of a sign that the relationship must end. Attempting to work through a serious issue with a significant other can clarify whether your relationship is header for higher ground, or whether divorce is the likely result. In other words, whether divorcing is the right choice for you may be less about the problem at hand then it is about how your spouse responds to your suggestions for addressing it. There is a big difference between a spouse who acknowledges that the problem is indeed very serious, engages in respectful conversations with you about how the two of you could address it together, and follows through with their part of any plan that the two of you make to resolve it and the spouse who looks at you after you inform them that there is a problem and asks you what you plan to do about it.

If you are feeling more and more like you need to divorce your spouse, be honest with yourself about how you plan to deal with the emotional aspects of a divorce. Make an honest assessment of whether you are ready to process all of the intense emotions that are inherent in the process of divorce. Make a plan for how you will address the wide range of emotions that you will feel. Your plan can include anything that you think will work for you, from counseling to talking to friends or spiritual advisors, or any other method that you think will meet your unique needs. If you can accept that your divorce will be an emotional experience, then you are well on your way to being ready to weather the storm. If, on the other hand, you think that the experience of leaving your marriage can be accomplished with little to no emotion, you may want to think about it a bit more before proceeding.

Planning for the practical aspects of your divorce is just as important as planning for how you will address the difficult emotions which are part of the divorce process. It is essential that you have a plan in place for where you will live, how you will support yourself and your children, and so on, before you file for divorce. When you do have a plan ready to go, you can file for divorce with the confidence that you are ready to take that step and move forward into your divorce.

Once you are ready to file for divorce, it is time to seek the assistance of a Mississippi Divorce Lawyer. Your Mississippi Divorce Attorney can help you to define your goals and pursue a resolution of your divorce case that will help you to meet those goals. To find out how Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole can help you with your divorce, please call our office today, at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free consultation.

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Mississippi Divorce Lawyer: Is It Time to File For a Mississippi Divorce
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