Mississippi Divorce Lawyer Discusses Famous Child Custody Battles in the News

Across the state of Mississippi and around the world, parents are embroiled in lengthy and exhausting child custody disputes concerning issues like joint versus sole custody, visitation schedules, and child support. This past week, several famous celebrity couples hit the news with shocking tales of their own custody battles. Below is this week’s round-up of famous child custody battles in the news.

As discussed in an August blog post, Kelly Rutherford of the hit television show Gossip Girl has been fighting a child custody battle with her foreign ex for several years now. Recently, a United States court ordered that Rutherford send her two children back to Monaco to reside with their father, Daniel Giersch, after Rutherford attempted to keep the children permanently in New York City following what was supposed to be a short visit. This week, Rutherford and her tv mother, Caroline Lagerfelt, flew to Monaco to plead a local judge to grant her custody.

Back in August, French financier Arpad Busson sued ex-fiancee Uma Thurman, famous for Quentin Tarantino films like Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2, demanding more time with his daughter. The former couple met for a closed proceeding with their lawyers and a judge. The judge announced that a temporary agreement had been reached, but a permanent parenting plan had not yet been finalized. Following this hearing, Thurman yelled at reporters and demanded privacy. Thurman and Busson went back to court in New York this past week and emerged all smiles. According to the judge, the former couple finally comprised and agreed to a confidential plan that was designed to make their daughter happy.

Chris Brown, well-known for his singing, dancing, and run-ins with the law, was recently awarded joint custody of his daughter. Brown learned he had a daughter back in March with an ex-fling. Brown was proactive about accepting responsibility and was eager to play a major role in his daughter’s upbringing. He filed for paternity, which was confirmed. The mother requested $15,000/month for child support, sole custody, and supervised visitation for Brown. However, the judge awarded Brown joint custody, provided that the daughter spends four days a week with her mother, and ordered Brown to pay only $2,500/month in child support.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, once Hollywood’s “It” couple, recently announced their decision to co-parent their children despite Affleck’s alleged adultery. The former duo has decided to keep their custody plan private and is not seeking the assistance of the court at this time.

Famous chef Giada De Laurentiis recently split from her husband of eleven years. According to their child custody agreement, the pair will continue to co-parent and share custody of their daughter. As the main earner, De Laurentiis must pay $9,000/month in child support. In addition, due to a lack of prenuptial agreement, the ex-husband will walk away with a stunning Southern California home, extravagant art collection, $2 million in bank accounts, exotic cars, and rights to half of the proceeds for multiple cookbooks in the pipeline for De Laurentiis.

In a sad turn of events, Rosie O’Donnell’s former spouse was hospitalized this past weekend after hearing rumors that O’Donnell had moved on and was dating someone new. Several years ago, the couple married and adopted a daughter named Dakota. The two separated, and the divorce was finalized in February of 2015 after a long and contentious battle regarding parenting styles. The court gave sole custody to O’Donnell, who permits her former spouse to frequently visit with Dakota.

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Mississippi Divorce Lawyer Discusses Famous Child Custody Battles in the News
Mississippi Divorce Lawyer discusses child custody battles that have made recent headlines.