Mississippi Divorce Attorney Wants You to Avoid These Divorce Mistakes

When you are going through a divorce, there are bound to be times where you may be tempted to do things out of sheer anger, frustration, or some other strong emotion. While strong feelings are to be expected during the divorce process, they can get you into trouble if you respond to them by acting impulsively instead of by working through them in a productive way by talking to someone about them, going for a walk, or engaging in some other type of healthy coping behavior.

Some of the things that you may think of doing while you are feeling overcome with emotion could make your divorce case even more difficult than it already is. For example, giving away or selling items that you know your spouse is going to ask for as part of the property settlement could result in your being held financially liable to your soon to be former spouse for those items in addition to tarnishing your reputation with the judge. The same goes for running up debt on joint credit cards or incurring new debt under your spouse’s name. Your soon to be former spouse will likely be able to prove that they did not incur the debt, and you will be held responsible for paying it.

Stress and strong emotions can make alcohol or drugs seem like a convenient way to temporarily escape from the situation at hand. Not only could drinking alcohol to excess or using drugs hurt you physically, it could lead to a pattern of alcohol or drug use that is hard to stop. What’s more, it could get you into trouble with the law, causing more stress that you definitely don’t need. There are many ways to work through the emotions that are associated with divorce which can help you feel better both now and into the future. If one healthy coping strategy doesn’t work for you, try another, and perhaps another until you find what works best for you.

When strong feelings come up during meetings or court dates, it can be difficult to remain calm and collected. As difficult as it may be to do so sometimes, acting appropriately in these social situations is essential to the success of your divorce case. Verbal or physical outbursts could lead to your being removed from a meeting or a hearing, not to mention the damage that they do to your credibility.

If you become involved in a new relationship, it can be difficult to contain your excitement, but it is essential that you do so. Do not introduce your new significant other to your children without establishing ground rules with your soon to be former spouse for doing so. After all, you would not likely want your soon to be former spouse introducing your children to their new significant other without having some rules in place for when and how that would be appropriate. Also, do not bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to court, as this can make the atmosphere even more contentious in addition to burdening your new love interest with the uncensored details of your divorce.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Wants You to Avoid These Divorce Mistakes
Mississippi Divorce Attorney discusses mistakes to avoid in divorce cases.