Mississippi Divorce Attorney Talks About Alcoholism in Family Law Matters

One reason that a couple may decide to part ways is alcohol or drug abuse. Addiction touches the lives of many more families than most of us are aware of, because many people feel ashamed to talk about it when it is going on in their homes. It has been estimated that approximately twenty percent of middle-aged divorcees split because of drug or alcohol use.

The amount of drinking that each spouse does can affect whether or not they are likely to divorce. When both spouses drink approximately the same amount, they are much less likely to divorce than couples where one spouse drinks more than the other. Additionally, divorce is more common in situations where the wife is the heavy drinker.

Addiction is a serious obstacle to overcome, and the road to recovery is long and challenging. Even alcoholics and addicts who have an intense desire to overcome their addictions and change their lives for the better can stumble, fall, and experience major setbacks. The spouses and families of people who are addicted to alcohol and drugs experience the ups and downs of recovery right alongside the person who is recovering. In fact, family members like spouses and children suffer the most because they care so deeply for their problem drinker or drug addict that they can get caught up in their behavior and focus a great deal of their energy on it. The intense emotions that accompany living with an alcoholic or addict can, over time, cause others in the household to develop disordered ways of thinking and other problems of their own.

Spouses of alcoholics are often deeply saddened by the prospect of divorce because they love their spouse very much. However, when one spouse is an alcoholic, the other spouse can feel betrayed, and this can help them to realize that leaving their marriage is a good idea. Children are also another compelling reason that many spouses who are married to alcoholics choose to divorce, because they do not want to raise their children in an alcoholic family.

If your spouse is an alcoholic, it can be difficult to leave your marriage because you may be holding on to hope that things will get better. Filing for divorce is never an easy task, but remaining in a relationship with an alcoholic can be even harder. You have probably spent a lot of time and energy trying to help your spouse, and to make the marriage work. Unfortunately, it takes two dedicated people to make a marriage work, so it is likely that you will be both happier and healthier after your divorce.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Talks About Alcoholism in Family Law Matters
Mississippi Divorce Attorney discuses the role alcoholism plays in family law matters.