Mississippi Divorce Attorney States The Top 10 Reasons Marriages End in Divorce

Divorce has become sadly commonplace today.  In America, there is a divorce every 13 seconds.  This amounts to over 6,500 divorces per day and 46,000 a week.  Over 50% of all first marriages end in divorce within eight years.  Of second marriages, the divorce rate climbs to a staggering 65%.  Those between the ages of 25 and 39 are most likely to obtain a divorce, and the average age of couples going through their first divorce is 30 years old.

As these statistics demonstrate, nearly everyone has been affected by divorce, whether it be their own or that of a family member, or friend.  To this end, we have prepared the following list of the top 10 reasons marriages end in divorce to help inform you of the causes of divorce.

  1. Finances—money is most often cited as the cause of divorce in America.  It is not generally money itself that leads to divorce; rather it is a lack of compatibility in the financial arena.  Disagreements over monthly spending, a lack of adequate funds, and differences of opinion on investments are all common topics that lead to dissention in a marriage, and possibly divorce.
  2. Lack of communication—a successful relationship requires the sharing of feelings, thoughts, and opinions.  It also requires active listening.  Couples who end up divorced often lack essential communication skills.  Without the ability to communicate effectively, spouses cannot solve marital problems.  As problems continue to fester, divorce may be the avenue turned to.
  3. Unmet expectations—both spouses enter the marriage with a set of expectations.  When expectations are unmet, strain often occurs in the relationship.  Discussions prior to marriage concerning each of your expectations and desires entering into the relationship can help avoid this pitfall.
  4. Not enough commitment to the relationship—couples often cite a lack of commitment as a cause for divorce.  Marriages take nurturing and work, which spouses tend to forget as time passes. 
  5. Lack of time together—a cornerstone of a strong relationship is allowing yourself time to connect with one another.  Without that bonding time, a marriage will wither.  Couples soon find themselves living disconnected lives.  Absent talking, laughing, and creating memories together, a marriage ceases to be a union.
  6. Child-rearing issues—adding children to a marriage can put stress and strain on the relationship. Arguments over parenting decisions and responsibilities can lead to major marital rifts.
  7. Religious or cultural strains—religious beliefs or cultural values can lead to conflict, particularly where they affect a spouse’s way of life or parenting choices. 
  8. Infidelity—cheating, or the violation of mutually agreed upon boundaries that the couple develops, is a top cause of divorce.  Infidelity can be very painful for those who experience it and often signifies the end of the marriage.
  9. Boredom—after many years together, couples can become bored with each other or their life style.  Divorcing spouses often report that they felt “stuck in a rut.”  To avoid this breakdown in the relationship, new activities and experiences can keep a marriage fresh.
  10. Physical, psychological, or emotional abuse—while physical abuse is the most commonly recognized form of abuse, abuse can come in many varieties.  It can consist of controlling behavior, such as monitoring phone calls or restricting a spouse’s activities.  It can also include name calling, ignoring, or criticizing.  Anyone who suspects they are in an abusive relationship should seek professional help immediately. 

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