Mississippi Divorce Attorney Shares Some Interesting Information about Divorce

While some sources say that the divorce rate in America is rising, others say that it is falling. The divorce rate has been hovering around fifty percent for years, now, and sometimes it is a little more and sometimes a little less. There is, however, an emerging trend of increasing numbers of divorced men and women remaining divorced and not remarrying. Marriage and divorce statistics are interesting, because they do offer a big-picture view of what is happening in society as a whole. Of course, since divorce is a very personal matter, statistics are just one small part of the larger story of what is going on inside the lives of married couples. The following interesting pieces of information regarding divorce are just that, interesting. Some couples whose marriages, according to statistics, are not built to last stay married for their entire lives, while some others, whose marriages would appear to have a low risk for divorce, end up calling it quits.

The connection between divorce and health has been getting a lot of attention lately, with a link being reported to exist between divorce and an increased risk of heart attack. Interestingly enough, cheating men experience an increased risk of heart attack when extramarital relations take place at a location that is not their home. Divorce has also been shown to affect men’s health more than women’s, and it has been linked to increases in depression, alcohol use, and substance abuse. Younger divorcees tend to experience more health issues than those who divorce when they are older, possibly because older adults have built coping skills over the years that can help them to handle the ups and downs of divorce.

If you enjoy alcohol, you may find it interesting that couples with similar drinking habits tend to remain married, while couples in which one spouse drinks a lot more, or drinks much more frequently than the other are likely to divorce. If you are surprised that alcohol consumption can have an effect on the likelihood of divorce, you may also be surprised to learn that the length of a person’s commute can contribute to divorce risk. People who drive more than forty five minutes each way to work are at a higher risk of divorcing than those with shorter commutes. Not surprisingly, Facebook has earned a place in the category of things that increase a couple’s risk of divorce. If one or both spouses are excessive Facebook users who check their accounts every hour, there is an increased risk of divorce because of fights over Facebook use, jealousy, or infidelity linked to reconnecting with old friends or connecting with new acquaintances.

Divorce is an interesting thing, because although there are trends and statistics, the experience is unique for each couple who decides to end their marriage. If you have decided that it is time for you to get a divorce, Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole can help you. If you have questions about getting divorced in Mississippi, call (601) 573-7429 today, to arrange a free, initial consultation.


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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Shares Some Interesting Information about Divorce
Mississippi Divorce Attorney discusses interesting information about divorce.