Mississippi Divorce Attorney Shares Four More Life Events That Could End Your Marriage

Living apart from one another is a challenge that is present in the lives of military couples, as well as for some other couples whose work or family obligations require them to live in different locations for an extended period of time. The risk of divorce for couples where at least one spouse is an enlisted service member is directly connected to the length of time that they have spent apart during deployment. The risk of divorce increases even more for veterans, who may face additional challenges like readjustment and post-traumatic stress disorder, which can place a great deal of stress on them, and consequently on their marriages. For military and non-military couples alike, differences in how comfortable each spouse is with spending time apart from each other can spell trouble for a marriage. For example, if one spouse is afraid that they will be abandoned or that their spouse will be unfaithful, the marriage may fall apart due to a lack of trust.

Traumatic events, such as being the victim of a crime, being in a serious accident, or experiencing the death of a parent, child, or close friend or relative can lead to divorce. Sometimes, the process of healing from trauma can make it painful for two people who experienced a traumatic event together to be together because the memory of that event is so pervasive. In situations like this, spouses may find it necessary to let go of each other so that they can heal themselves fully from the trauma that they experienced.

When children grow up and move away, their parents may find themselves sitting in an empty house together and wondering how they got there and whether there is anything left to their relationship. Divorce among older adults is on the rise, due to connections that fade over time or problems that come to the forefront once the kids are grown.

One more challenge that can lead to divorce is infidelity. Believe it or not, infidelity does not lead to divorce all of the time. In some cases, it serves as a catalyst for a couple to begin working through their problems and coming out stronger as a result. For some couples, though, if both partners are not willing to work on the underlying problems with their relationship, divorce is the next logical step.

Married couples face many challenges which can either bring them closer together or drive them further apart. If you are thinking of divorcing in Mississippi, it is to your advantage to work with a Mississippi Divorce Attorney. Your attorney can help you determine what you want out of your divorce, and they can help you pursue a resolution to your divorce that will work out well for you. To learn more about how an experienced Mississippi Divorce Attorney can help you, please call Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole today, at (601) 573-7429, to schedule a free, initial consultation.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Shares Four More Life Events That Could End Your Marriage
Mississippi Divorce Attorney discusses life events that could lead to divorce.