Mississippi Divorce Attorney Shares a List of Topics to Address in Your Divorce Case

One common concern that divorcing clients often have is that they might miss something important as they negotiate or litigate their divorce. Fortunately, working with a qualified Mississippi Divorce Attorney greatly reduces the likelihood of that happening. Divorce attorneys know exactly what questions to ask their clients to ensure that issues which are relevant to their lives are addressed in their divorce cases.

Many people find it helpful to know which things they will have to think about during their divorce before they speak with an attorney. For each topic that is a part of your life, think about what you want out of your divorce. You may find that it is helpful to write down your thoughts, so that you can share your divorce goals with your attorney.

If you have children, planning for their care, support, and custody is likely to be a top priority. Not only will your divorce case address parenting time, it should also address how your children’s physical needs will be provided for. Child support, health insurance, and payment for extracurricular activities and tuition are all topics to address in divorce proceedings between parents. Parents are also able to claim income tax exemptions, and divorcing couples must decide who will claim which children on their tax return each year.

Divorcing spouses must establish their own households and figure out how they will pay for their material needs like shelter, food, clothing, transportation, and the like. If you or your spouse has been out of the work force because they are a stay at home parent, spousal support may be a topic of discussion for your divorce. Likewise, spousal support may be an issue for older couples who have been married for a long time. The property division aspect of your divorce case, where you decide who will be responsible for which debts and who will keep which assets and household goods plays a huge role in providing divorcing spouses with at least some of the items and resources that they will need as they establish their own households. From furniture and automobiles to pensions and bank accounts, there are often many topics to address during the property division part of a divorce case. If there is a marital home, the issue of what to do with it is also a major item for discussion and decision.

Your own health insurance needs are an important part of your divorce, as are those of your spouse. It is possible that you are both covered by the same insurer, on an insurance plan that is obtained through one of your employers. When you part ways, you will have to plan for how each of you will maintain health insurance coverage moving forward. In fact, you will have to plan for how you will each handle car insurance and any other types of insurance that you need. Also, it is important that you and your soon to be former spouse figure out how to file your taxes after divorce, so as to reduce both of your tax liability as much as possible.

Divorce involves many different issues because it affects every corner of a person’s life. Fortunately, thinking about what you want out of your divorce ahead of time can help you to ensure that all relevant topics are addressed during your divorce case. Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole can answer your questions about your Mississippi divorce. Call us today at (601) 573-7429 to arrange for a free consultation.


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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Shares a List of Topics to Address in Your Divorce Case
Mississippi Divorce Attorney discusses important topics to address in your divorce case.