Mississippi Divorce Attorney Shares a List of Items to Update Following Your Divorce

For many people, receiving a final decree of divorce feels good because it symbolizes a fresh start and an opportunity to move forward. In order to be able to make the most of your fresh start, it is a good idea to update a few key documents right away. In order to help you move forward after your divorce, we have compiled a list of key documents that you should revise once your divorce becomes final. If you choose to take care of these items right away, they cannot cause headaches and inconveniences for you later on.

If you have a will or a trust, it is important that you update your beneficiaries as soon as you are divorced. This is one item which, if left to be done “later”, can cause a lot of trouble in the event that something happens to the testator before they have changed the will or trust to reflect their wishes.

Tax forms like the W-4 are essential for the accurate assessment of taxes. When it comes to taxes, you want to ensure that you are being charged the proper amount at all times, in order to avoid being stuck with a refund that is smaller than what you should receive or a tax bill that is larger than you ought to be paying. Sure, you may be able to straighten out some tax questions while you are preparing your taxes or even after the fact, but making divorce-related changes to your withholding and any other applicable tax-related documents as soon as you can after your divorce becomes final could save you time and money.

When parents divorce, they may find themselves depending upon new and different child care providers. Additionally, your children will be spending some of their time with you and some of their time with their other parent. For these reasons, you should make sure that Medical Treatment Authorization and Consent forms filled out for you, your children’s other parent, and all people who provide child care for your family, so that your children will be given appropriate medical care in the event of an emergency. Your health care documents may also need updating as the result of your divorce. If you have made a Medical Power of Attorney or a Health Care Directive, make sure that those documents accurately reflect your wishes regarding who should make important health care decisions for you in the event that you become incapacitated.

If property was transferred to you as part of your divorce, you will want to update the titles for each automobile, piece of real estate, or other item of value to reflect the change in ownership, as well as the change in your name, if you have changed it. If you have changed your name, it is also important to get new a new social security card and a new driver’s license so that your identifying documents match your current identity.

Your divorce is a time of great change in your life, change which extends far beyond adjusting the various forms and documents that are important for day to day life. Jackson, Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole can answer your questions about the changes that are happening in your life as the result of your Mississippi divorce. Call us today at (601) 573-7429 to arrange for a free consultation.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Shares a List of Items to Update Following Your Divorce
Mississippi Divorce Attorney discuses what to update following a divorce.