Mississippi Divorce Attorney Says Clients Can Help Their Attorneys Build Strong Divorce Cases

As with any other type of legal matter, in a divorce case, the outcome is dependent, in large part, upon the actions of the client in addition to the skill of the attorney. Even the most skilled attorney cannot present a successful case if their client gives them a difficult set of facts to work with through their actions. If you are involved in a Mississippi divorce, there are things that you can do to help your divorce case proceed more smoothly every step of the way. The suggestions listed below will help your attorney help you obtain the best possible result in your case whether it be through settlement or litigation.

Perhaps the single most important thing that you can do which will help your attorney present the best possible case on your behalf is to tell them the truth. Your attorney needs to know everything in order to help you, so be sure to hide nothing from them. The reason that your attorney needs to know everything, no matter how embarrassing or troubling it is, is that surprises can derail a case very quickly. If you let your attorney know about information that is potentially damaging to your case, your attorney can work with those facts and prepare for how to handle a situation in which opposing counsel brings up the topic. If those same damaging facts come up in discussion with opposing counsel and your attorney hears them for the first time, they are unlikely to be able to handle the situation in a way that works to your advantage or lessens the impact of the damaging information.

Another thing that you can do to help your attorney help you obtain the results that you want from your divorce is to avoid doing anything that could be perceived as dishonest. Things like deleting information from your computer, hiding or destroying documents, or trying to conceal assets can cause a lot of trouble for you once you are found out. If you think that you will somehow avoid being found out, think again. Your spouse’s attorney, like every other attorney, is an experienced professional who knows how to find information that has somehow “disappeared”.

In addition to avoiding actions that are dishonest, avoid actions that are unkind or unreasonable. It can be hard to play nice during a divorce, but it greatly increases your chances of a satisfactory result in your case. If your spouse tries to take you down the low road by leaving nasty voice mail messages or sending angry emails, do not reply with angry words. Simply share the messages with your attorney, who can decide whether and how to use them. When you are negotiating a potential settlement, think about what things are most important to you and base your proposals upon those instead of trying to get as much of everything as you can. If your soon to be former spouse proposes an agreement or an idea that would work for you, don’t say “no” to it just because it wasn’t your idea. The best settlements often come in cases where both spouses are able to keep an open mind, and think about creative ways for each of them to get more of the things that they value the most.

Working with a Mississippi Divorce Attorney is the best way to ensure that your divorce case will result in an outcome that works for you. Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole would like to help you with your divorce. Please call (601) 573-7429 today, to set up a free consultation.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Says Clients Can Help Their Attorneys Build Strong Divorce Cases
Mississippi Divorce Attorney discusses importance of building a strong divorce case in MS.