Mississippi Divorce Attorney Provides a Global Perspective on Divorce

It’s no secret that more than half of American marriages end in divorce. Believe it or not, though, there are places where the divorce rate is even higher than that. In fact, the United States ranks tenth on a list of the nations with the highest divorce rates, meaning that there are nine other nations where the divorce rate is even higher than it is here.

While the reasons for divorce are highly personal, there are some cultural trends which are affecting the divorce rates in various parts of the world. Information about divorce on a global scale can help us understand more about how various cultures are approaching marriage and divorce.

France is also one of the ten countries with the world’s highest divorce rates. In France, couples who live in cities are much more likely to divorce than those who live in more rural areas. In fact, while many people think of Paris as the city of love, it is actually the city with the highest divorce rate in France.

Cubans definitely have something unique going on as far as marriage is concerned. Did you know that Cubans can apply to the government for assistance with the costs of their wedding and honeymoon? Not surprisingly, many people do just that, and many of those marriages end in divorce. There is another trend in Cuba, though, which is similar to something that is also occurring more and more frequently in America. Couples are becoming less interested in marriage, instead choosing to commit to a long term relationship without any ceremony or legal agreement. Couples in Estonia, another nation with a high divorce rate (around sixty percent), are also becoming increasingly interested in long term, committed relationships that are not marriages.

The changing role of religion has had a major impact on divorce rates in some places. In Spain, for example, church attendance rates have been declining steadily and Catholicism has become more of a historical and cultural identity than a day to day religious practice. Divorce rates, on the other hand, have steadily increased since 2007, when the requirements for getting a divorce became much easier to meet. The declining role of religion has also been cited as one of the reasons that Belgium has such a high divorce rate, with approximately seventy percent of marriages ending in divorce.

The outcomes of divorces can vary greatly depending upon which country the divorce takes place in. While American parents now stand on equal footing in divorce proceedings, fathers are at a disadvantage in the Czech Republic, where over ninety percent of women are granted full custody of their children when they divorce.

As divorce has become more commonplace in America and all over the world, people who are choosing to divorce are increasingly able to find the legal help that they need as they navigate this important major life decision. If you plan to file for divorce in Mississippi, call Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole today, at (601) 573-7429 to schedule your free, initial consultation.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Provides a Global Perspective on Divorce
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