Mississippi Divorce Attorney Offers Words of Caution Regarding Divorce

While the decision to divorce is a very emotional one, it is also important that anyone who is thinking of getting a divorce consider the full range of financial implications that are likely to arise from your divorce. This is not to say that you should let financial matters keep you from getting divorced, only that you should make yourself aware of all of the costs that are associated with divorce so that you can plan for them.

If you do not have much money, you may be tempted to try resolving your divorce without the assistance of an attorney. This can be time consuming and frustrating, and it may end up costing you more in the long run. Attorneys are often able to help parties reach settlements in divorce cases instead of proceeding to trial. Settling a divorce is much less expensive than litigating it, even after accounting for attorneys’ fees. The money that you spend on having a lawyer work with your soon to be former spouse’s lawyer to reach a settlement agreement can be considered an investment in keeping the total cost of your divorce as low as possible.

When you consult with an attorney, make sure that they can provide you with estimates of what each phase of your divorce is likely to cost you, including the cost of a trial. The estimates can vary greatly, depending upon your situation. For example, couples with more wealth and assets will pay more for their divorces because they are likely to require the assistance of accountants and/or appraisers to help them see what property is available to be divided amongst themselves. It is good to have the cost estimate numbers in front of you to look at, especially when you are thinking about whether to accept or decline a settlement offer, because they can help you to regain your perspective and make a decision based upon finances, not emotion.

If you might be taking property or assets in a divorce settlement that you are unfamiliar with, such a house or other real estate or an investment account, it is a good idea to work with a financial planner in deciding whether or not to accept a settlement agreement. While hiring a financial planner costs money, it is money that you are spending to get an understanding of how a proposed settlement offer would work for you financially, both now and into the future.

Divorce can place you in a precarious financial position if you go into it without a clear understanding of how much the process is likely to cost. An experienced divorce attorney can help you to understand and prepare for the costs associated with your Mississippi divorce. Jackson area, Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole has helped many Mississippi residents achieve positive results in their Mississippi divorce cases, and he can help you, too. Please call our office today, at (601) 573-7429, to set up a free consultation.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Offers Words of Caution Regarding Divorce
Mississippi Divorce Attorney offers tips of caution for those undergoing a divorce.