Mississippi Divorce Attorney Explains the 5 Things Not To Do When You Divorce

You’ve probably read all the things you should do in preparing for a divorce, like consulting with a divorce attorney, making a list of assets, and budgeting for divorce expenses.  The following, however, is a list of the opposite kind—it is a list of the top things you should never do when you are divorcing your spouse.  This list encompasses behaviors that can later damage your divorce case and possibly result in a less favorable settlement.  So be aware of the following list of don’ts:

  1. Don’t represent yourself—seeking a divorce without the assistance of an experienced divorce attorney can cost you significantly in the long run.  A skilled divorce attorney will guide you through all steps of your divorce and assure you receive the best possible outcome.  A knowledgeable divorce attorney will prove invaluable in negotiating for division of assets, child custody, and alimony.  Consult with a licensed divorce attorney in your state before filing for divorce.
  2. Don’t refuse to negotiate—divorces are mixed with emotions and often anger.  Spouses may refuse to negotiate due to bitterness and hurt feelings.  However, it is in your best interest to negotiate with your soon to be ex spouse.  In Mississippi, both spouses must agree to a divorce if you are to proceed with a no fault divorce.  A no fault divorce is often quicker and less costly then a fault based one.  Negotiating with your spouse to obtain his or her consent can greatly benefit you both in the long run.  Further, negotiation over important issues like property division, child custody, and alimony can spare you the time, expense, and stress of the courtroom.  Negotiation is in your best interest when you are in the middle of a divorce, and the help of an experienced divorce attorney can greatly assist the negotiation process.
  3. Don’t move out of the marital home—before filing for divorce, one spouse will often move out of the marital home.  This is not something you should do before consulting with a divorce attorney in your state as it can impact your later claim to the home.  Consult with an attorney before making any moves.
  4. Watch what you post on social media sites—with the advent of Facebook and other social media websites, divorce has become less public.  Spouses and attorneys across the nation have begun utilizing “posts” made by divorcing spouses as evidence against them.  Pictures of spouse’s gallivanting with members of the opposite sex, drinking, or even bragging about malicious acts towards the other spouse, can all commonly be found on social media websites.  Be very careful what you allow others to see online as it can have consequences on your divorce.
  5. Don’t deny your spouse access to the children—in general, it is not a good idea to deny your spouse access to your child/children unless there is good reason to do so and your licensed divorce attorney has instructed you to do so.  Except in isolated instances of domestic violence or abuse, it is not wise to withhold access to your children because it can later be grounds for allegations of withholding affection.  Withholding the affection of your minor children from their mother or father is a factor courts consider in making child custody determinations and not something you want to be accused out.  Your best bet is to consult with a knowledgeable divorce attorney before the divorce is imminent and obtain their advice on working out a temporary custody agreement that the court will approve.

For more information on what you should and should not do when preparing for divorce, call The Law Office of Matthew S. Poole.  Matthew S. Poole has worked with thousands of clients who have made the difficult decision to divorce their spouse.  He can advise you on all aspects of your Mississippi divorce, from filing for divorce to reaching a favorable alimony settlement.  Call Mississippi divorce attorney Matthew Poole today at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a consultation.

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