Mississippi Divorce Attorney Discusses Legal Separation

Legal separation is available in most places in America. There are only a handful of states where legal separation is not an option for couples. Mississippi just happens to be one of the few states in America where legal separation is not available. Fortunately, due to information that people have shared about their experiences with legal separation, it does not appear as though you are necessarily missing out on anything.

Legal separation occurs when a married couple decides to live separately and enters into a binding agreement about how to distribute their assets and manage their debts while they do so. When a couple is legally separated, they are neither married nor divorced. While this may seem like a fine place to be because it does not involve being committed to a course of action in either direction, a recent survey of married, divorced, and separated Americans revealed that being separated is more stressful than being divorced. Even more importantly, the additional stress that separated couples feel is also felt by their children.

When a couple decides to divorce instead of separating, there is certainly going to be some stress during and after the divorce process. However, people who have divorced are able to experience closure. The importance of closure is not to be underestimated. It is what people can gain their strength from as they pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and move forward. In contrast, people who are separated live each day with the uncertainty that comes along with being in a situation that was once a marriage but is not yet a divorce. They could be moving towards reconciliation, and a week later they could be closer to filing for divorce, but somehow they never get all the way to either outcome.

Of course, separation is about more than just the relationship between the spouses. There are economic considerations, too. Living separately costs more than living as part of a household, so people who are legally separated have the additional stress of finding a new place to live and figuring out how to pay for their living quarters, food, gasoline, and all of their other bills. Family cell phone contracts may be cancelled and replaced by single-user contracts. Utility bills do not usually get cut in half when one person moves into a new place. If someone stays in the marital home, they are not likely to notice a huge drop in the cost of utilities due to the other person’s absence. The same applies to the person who moves out and gets an apartment or somewhere else to live – they are not likely to notice whether there are any savings on utilities, and, if such savings do exist, they are likely to be minimal. The economic element of legal separation adds more stress to the lives of people who are legally separated.

Children whose parents are separated instead of divorced also live with the uncertainty that surrounds their parents’ relationship. They don’t know which way the relationship will go. They also experience the shift from one household into two, which is just as stressful as it would be for a child whose parents decide to get divorced. They are also unable to experience closure, to move on from life as a family with married parents to life as children of divorce.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Discusses Legal Separation
Mississippi Divorce Attorney reassures readers that legal separation, despite not being available in Mississippi, may not be necessary.