Mississippi Divorce Attorney Discusses Fighting About Beloved Pets in Divorce

Pets are at the heart of many homes. Couples without children often consider their furry, finned, and feathered friends to be similar to children, and families with kids know that having kids and having pets often go hand in paw. Pets, like children, form strong and lasting attachments to their caregivers. It is only natural, then, that the care and well-being of pets is often at issue in divorce cases.

When people bring pets into a relationship before they are married, it is possible to include them in any prenuptial agreements that the couple may make before they marry. This can take the guesswork out of how the pet’s custody will be handled during a divorce, but the reality is that most couples don’t have prenuptial agreements, and, therefore, issues of pet care and custody become part of the divorce process.

While states differ on how pets are to be treated during divorce proceedings, many couples choose to treat them more like children and less like property. For example, they negotiate a schedule for who has the pet when, and they also divide up responsibility for who will pay for food, supplies, vet care, and other things that the pet needs.

It makes sense to treat pets like people instead of like property, because they are living beings with feelings and needs similar to their own. For example, if you give custody of the family dog to one parent, then the dog will still see the kids when they visit that parent, but the dog will feel a loss because of the absence of the other parent. Likewise, if one parent gets the dog and the other gets the cat, the dog and the cat will not only miss each other’s companionship, each will experience the loss of a relationship with one of their human companions. When pets get to spend time with both (or all, in the case of a family) their human companions, everyone benefits.

Whether your Mississippi divorce case is currently going through negotiation or mediation or you are preparing for a trial, be sure to give careful consideration to how you handle the issue of your pets. Spending time creating a visitation schedule and dividing up pet care responsibilities can ensure that everyone, pets included, can continue to enjoy the love and joy that happen when pets and people get together.

If pets are part of your Mississippi divorce, be sure to get help from an attorney who will help you to obtain an outcome that is favorable for you and for them. Matthew S. Poole is a seasoned Mississippi Divorce Attorney with unmatched skill in negotiation and a proven track record for achieving favorable results for his divorce clients. Matthew cares about his clients and their pets, and he works hard to help each client obtain their divorce as quickly and painlessly as possible, while achieving the best possible outcome.  Matthew S. Poole will work with you to settle your divorce in a manner that will help you and your pets transition seamlessly into your new post-divorce life.  Call Matthew today at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free consultation.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Discusses Fighting About Beloved Pets in Divorce
Mississippi Divorce Attorney explains how conflicts can arise and be resolved in divorce regarding pets.