Mississippi Divorce Attorney Asks: How Detailed Should Our Parenting Plan Be?

If you are involved in a Mississippi divorce and you have children, you may wonder whether it is to your benefit to have a parenting plan which contains many details, or whether a more basic plan which consists primarily of a parenting schedule would be better. Some parents may feel as though a plan that is too detailed would be too rigid, and not flexible enough to grow and change with the family. Other parents may feel as though every last detail should be spelled out, so as to minimize the potential for future conflicts.

While there is no one size fits all suggestion for the level of detail that should be included in a divorcing couple’s parenting plan, couples who opt for plans which include more details are often more successful than those that are more open-ended. It is true that a parenting plan should be constructed with some degree of flexibility, to account for the changing needs of children as they grow and of parents as they navigate life after divorce. It is also true that plans which contain fewer details regarding the rules and expectations of the parties as they move forward create a high likelihood of conflict as issues arise which are not covered by the parenting plan, and the parties disagree as to how they should be handled.

The parenting schedule is a very important part of the parenting plan, and it is an area in which changes may be needed down the road. In addition to setting up a schedule that works for the family at the present time, parents could establish a procedure for reviewing the schedule periodically and making changes as needed. Including that additional detail helps parents to be aware that the schedule is likely to need various adjustments over time and provides a framework for doing so. If that procedure is not discussed, the parents are likely to follow the current schedule until it no longer works and then disagree about how to adjust it.

Another issue that parties may not think to include in a parenting plan is how and when new partners should be introduced to the children. Since that might not be something which is an issue at the current time, parties may feel like avoiding it because it could be a hard discussion to have. It is an important discussion, though, as there is a high likelihood that one or both parents will eventually meet someone new. Moving forward with a plan in place will make for far less conflict than attempting to address it when one parent begins dating someone and wants to introduce them to the kids.

College expenses are also sometimes overlooked, particularly in cases where the children are very young. Whether there is an expectation that the kids will go to college or not, it is advisable to have at least some idea of how the two of you will help your children through the transition into adulthood. If there is not any discussion about this issue while the kids are young, it can create a lot of stress, disagreement, and resentment later on as the kids grow and begin to form ideas about what they would like their lives as young adults to look like.

Your parenting plan can include as much detail as you would like. A Mississippi Divorce Attorney can help you to pursue a parenting plan that will meet your present and future needs as well as those of your children. To find out how Mississippi Divorce Attorney Matthew S. Poole can help you create a parenting plan that works for your family, please call our office today, at (601) 573-7429 to schedule a free consultation.

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Mississippi Divorce Attorney Asks: How Detailed Should Our Parenting Plan Be?
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