Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Talks About Parenting Across the Miles

Many custody cases involve parents who are and who intend to remain in close geographic proximity to each other. In some custody cases, though, the children’s parents live far away from each other. The distance between the homes of the parents becomes, in these cases, an important factor that must be addressed in the parenting plan.

Parents who are involved in custody cases that involve long-distance parenting can take heart in knowing that many families have created long-distance parenting plans that have provided both parents with plenty of parenting time and the ability to maintain close relationships with their children. Creating a successful long-distance parenting plans often involves a lot of careful thought and a high degree of attention to detail. Fortunately, that extra effort is often pays off in the form of a plan that works not just for a little while, but for years, because it has taken many different things into consideration.

The exact structure of long-distance parenting plans varies greatly because the distances between parents’ residences vary from one family to the next. Families where one parent lives in a place that is within driving distance of the other may plan for more transitions and shorter visits than families where the parents live in different regions or even in different countries. These families may establish a pattern of the children spending long periods of time with each parent, such as a situation where the children live with one parent during the school year and spend school breaks with the other. When the distance between parents does not preclude it, holidays can be given separate treatment from other visits if that is what the parents would like to do.

In addition to decisions regarding how often travel occurs, parents who are designing long-distance parenting plans must decide who is doing the traveling and what mode of transportation they will use. Sometimes, one parent will travel to visit the children at or near their usual home. At other times, parents will trade off on taking trips to see the children. Children can also travel between locations, especially as they grow older and are able to travel on their own. The distance to be traveled and the cost of travel are other considerations that go into a plan for who will travel where and when.

Communication between children and parents is an essential component of any parenting plan, and it is just as important of a consideration in long-distance parenting plans. Many long-distance parenting plans provide for daily contact between the children and the parent who is not present in the location where they are. Because video calling programs like FaceTime and Skype are so popular, families often incorporate them into their parenting plans as well. Plans for communication also often address the timing of communication between children and parents, so that the children are able to know when they will be able to talk to their parent and vice versa.

Child custody cases where parents live miles apart can seem difficult. Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Matthew S. Poole has helped many families design parenting plans that work for them, and it is possible that he can help, too. Please call our office today at (601) 573-7429, to set up a free consultation.

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Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Talks About Parenting Across the Miles
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