Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Talks About Life in a Blended Family

When people who have children from previous relationships decide to get married, they form a blended family. As with any other type of family, the relationships within a blended family have the potential to create joy, tension, and just about every other kind of feeling within the household. If you are considering forming a blended family, you may not know what to expect. Life in a blended family does have some unique challenges, but parents who work together to find solutions that work for their family often find that the rough spots are far outnumbered by the pleasant moments.

One area that can be confusing for both parents and children in a blended family is how to address each other. Children will naturally refer to their biological parents as “mom” and “dad”, but they may not know what to call their step-parents. Many step-parents have found that giving children the freedom to choose what they call their step-parents works out better than insisting that they call them “dad” or “mom”. This may be because children who are free to choose how they address their step-parents feel as though their step-parents respect their relationships with each of their biological parents, not just the one that they married.

Some blended families experience difficulties when parents find themselves blindsided by challenges that are unique to blended families, such as the aforementioned scenario involving how family members refer to each other. If parents learn about blended family life and the unique challenges that they may face as they combine their families, they may be able to avoid some troubles altogether by planning ahead and coming to an agreement about how they will handle certain situations if and when they arise.

It can be difficult to decide on house rules for a blended family. Each parent is likely to have their own views on discipline, as well as experience with the rules and practices that they had established in the home that they had shared with their former spouse. To further add to the confusion, research has shown that children adjust to life after divorce more easily when their divorced parents maintain the same rules, boundaries, and other matters related to discipline in each of their homes. Some blended families have found that having each child’s biological parent handle disciplinary matters in a way that is compatible with what goes on in the home of the child’s other biological parent works well for them.

These are just a few of the unique situations that blended families experience as they make their way together. Child custody cases can be difficult to navigate as a blended family. Parents who are involved in child custody cases often have many questions, and a Mississippi Child Custody Attorney can often help them find the answers that they need. Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Matthew S. Poole has helped many parents with their child custody cases, and it is possible that he can help you, too. Please call our office today at (601) 573-7429, to set up a free consultation.

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Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Talks About Life in a Blended Family
Mississippi Child Custody Attorney discusses the implications of a blended family on divorce cases.