Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Discusses Parental Alienation

In some cases, judges in custody cases take extreme measures when they believe that children are at risk of physical or emotional harm. In a recent court decision in Michigan, a judge at a custody hearing decided that the children involved in the case needed to go to a juvenile detention facility in order to escape parental alienation that was so severe that the judge declared it “brainwashing”. The children spent a short time at the juvenile detention facility before their father asked the court to release them to a residential summer camp where both of their parents could visit them.

The judge who issued the ruling believes that what she did was in the best interest of the children, who have been stuck in the middle of their parents’ custody battle for approximately six years. She says that the children had been refusing to meet with their father because their mother had alienated them from him. Parental alienation is a serious situation in which one parent’s efforts to present a negative view of the other parent are so successful that the children no longer want to see or have a relationship with the other parent. It is highly detrimental to children, who benefit from a strong relationship with both of their parents.

If you are concerned that parental alienation may be an issue in your child custody case, there are some things that you can look for which could help you to identify efforts at parental alienation. If you see any of these things happening in your family, share your concerns with your attorney so that the issue can be dealt with promptly. For example, there may be a “campaign of denigration”, which involves the creation of stories about the family which portray one parent in a very negative light. For example, denying a child the opportunity to visit their other parent and then telling the child that the visit happened because the other parent cancelled the visit.

Other signs of parental alienation can be seen in the way that a child talks about his or her parents. If the child can rattle off a long list of things that they do not like about the targeted parent without mentioning any of their positive attributes, they may be experiencing parental alienation. Additionally, children who are affected by parental alienation are careful to state that their negative statements come from their own experience and that no one told them to say those things. They often express themselves in a way that sounds scripted, and which makes them sound like they are really smart for their age. Unfortunately, words aren’t the only things that children who experience alienation use against the targeted parent. They sometimes even engage in very cruel behaviors and then exhibit no remorse afterwards. Children who experience parental alienation express a deep and profound loyalty to the parent who has caused the alienation.

Parental alienation is a serious issue in child custody cases and it is important that you act fast if you believe that it is an issue in your case. Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Matthew S. Poole has helped many parents with their child custody cases, and it is possible that he can help you, too. Please call our office today at (601) 573-7429, to set up a free consultation.


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Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Discusses Parental Alienation
Mississippi Child Custody Attorney discusses the implications of parental alienation in Mississippi divorce cases.