Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Discusses Jurisdictional Issues in Child Custody Cases

Actress Kelly Rutherford’s high-profile, high-conflict international child custody battle has been through many twists and turns since it began. The latest issue to crop up in this family’s child custody case is whether any of the parties have sufficient connections to the state of California to justify the state’s maintaining jurisdiction over the matter. The issue of jurisdiction has recently been raised by Rutherford’s former husband, and it is worth noting that the issue had been raised before, by Rutherford, and a conclusion had been reached by the court that California did have jurisdiction over the matter.

In 2012, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Rutherford’s two children should move to Monaco and live with their father while he worked through some issues that he was having with his United States visa. At that time, neither of the parties lived in California, yet the state retained its jurisdiction over the matter. At that time, Rutherford told the court that she was living in New York for eight months out of each year while she was filming “Gossip Girl”. She had even tried to move the case to New York, because of the amount of time that she was residing there, but California continued to assert its jurisdiction in the matter. Not much has changed regarding the parties’ residences between 2012 and now. However, due to the California court’s renewed focus on jurisdiction, Rutherford is being asked to provide many types of evidence of her ties to California because the judge is now questioning whether he should make any new orders in her family’s child custody case.

According to Kelly Rutherford, the court’s focus on the jurisdictional issue is frustrating in and of itself, but it is especially so because it is drawing the focus of the case away from something that she considers a very important matter. When Rutherford went overseas for a scheduled visit in May of this year, her former husband refused to let her spend time with her kids. After that incident, the California judge issued an order granting emergency custody to Rutherford. However, the validity of that order is now under attack, as Rutherford’s former husband has questioned whether California has jurisdiction over the matter.

Jurisdictional issues are just one of many types of issues that can come up in child custody cases. A Mississippi Child Custody Attorney can help you understand complicated issues like jurisdiction so that you can make decisions that will work for your children and your family. If you are involved in a Mississippi child custody case, you need a strong ally. Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Matthew S. Poole understands that parents who are involved in Mississippi child custody cases often encounter many different challenges as they move through the various types of child custody proceedings. If you have a question about any type of Mississippi child custody case, please call our office today, at (601) 573-7429, to schedule a free, initial consultation.

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Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Discusses Jurisdictional Issues in Child Custody Cases
Mississippi Child Custody Attorney discusses the effects of jurisdictional issues on child custody matters in Mississippi.