Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Discusses Behavioral Issues During and After Custody Disputes

When a child’s parents are involved in a custody case, whether it is a divorce, CPS case, or some other matter, the child will undoubtedly experience their own feelings and emotions related to the situation. The range of feelings that children may experience during custody cases is widely varied, especially when you factor in things such as age and emotional development.

Parents who are involved in custody disputes may know to expect behavioral changes in their children, but since it cannot be predicted exactly what those changes will be and when they are likely to take place, they may still be caught off guard when their children behave in ways that are unlike anything that they have ever seen them do before. As stressful as the custody case is for the parents, they also have the additional responsibility of supporting their children emotionally throughout the entire ordeal. Ideally, this includes monitoring behavior and making note of when changes occur, communicating with the children, and supporting them as they experience whatever feelings they are experiencing.

When children are feeling confused, sad, frustrated, or angry, they may act out because they don’t know what else to do. Acting out can come in all different forms, from mild misbehavior to extreme destructiveness. Fortunately, parents can often help their children address the feelings that are underlying the unusual behavior. When children feel closeness to and support from their parents, they regain a sense of safety and security that they may have felt was threatened by the events taking place in the custody case. Children may stop misbehaving once they feel understood and secure, and once any confusion has been cleared up.

Sometimes, though, parents may need the help of a professional to help their children and themselves. Some children become depressed or aggressive, and they may be reluctant to communicate with you when you try to talk to them. If you begin to feel as though professional help may be a good idea, do not hesitate to find someone who can help you.

Although child custody cases often involve a great deal of tension between parents, it is often helpful to communicate with your child’s other parent regarding behavioral changes, so that the two of you can decide how to address them. This is particularly important when, as noted above, you begin to feel as though one or more of your children may need professional support.

If you are involved in a custody case, you may be having many different feelings of your own. Unfortunately, these feelings may affect your behavior without you necessarily knowing that they are doing so. Simply knowing that this can happen can help you to assess your own behavior and notice whether it is being influenced by how you are feeling at any given moment. If you do notice that your feelings are affecting your behavior in ways that you do not like, you might try finding a coping mechanism like exercise, talking to a friend, spending time in nature, or doing something creative. If you find that it is difficult for you to work through your feelings to a point where you can choose to act, you may want to seek professional help

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Mississippi Child Custody Attorney Discusses Behavioral Issues During and After Custody Disputes
Mississippi Child Custody Attorney discusses post divorce behavior issues in children.