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N.B.I. Certified Divorce Instructor, 2014, 2018 Mississippi Top Ten Family Lawyer, N.A.F.L.

2019, 2020 Cost Guide (Including Discounts)
*Please Attempt To Find Agreement if Possible in Order to Significantly Reduce Costs

*Prices May be Slightly Higher if Outside of the Jackson, MS Metropolitan Area

No-Fault Divorce/Agreed Paternity and Visitation Matters (ALL terms must be agreed upon for the following No-Faults/Agreed Matters) All Are Flat Fees…Please Note that a FULL Agreement is Required. Modifying Terms After Agreement Will Likely Result in Additional Fees at an Hourly Rate of $250.

Without Children, No Property- $750.

With Children, No Property- $875.

With Property, No Children- $850.

With Children AND Property- $975.

Agreed Paternity and Custody/Visitation- $875.

Contested and Fault Based Matters
(no agreement)

Divorce with Custody Features- $4,500. (retainer)
@ $260/hr.

Divorce without Custody Features- $4,000.
(retainer) @ $225/hr.

High Asset Divorce, with or without Custody
Features (Over $250,000 combined net worth)
$7,500 (retainer) @ $260/hr.

Custody (or Paternity and Custody)- $4,500.
(retainer) @ $260/hr.

Paternity and Visitation, No Custody Issues
$3,500 flat fee

Custody Modification, with or without Contempt
$5,000 (retainer) @ $275/hr.

Emergency Custody Matters $5,000 (retainer)

Contempt Only, No Custody Issues $4,000.
(retainer) @ $260/hr.

Adoption/Parental Right Termination. $7,500.
(retainer) @ $275/hr.


Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements $1,200,
maximum of 5 hours ($250/hr. thereafter)

Document Review Without In Office Consult
$375, 1.5 hour maximum

File/Document Review and Assessments $750
flat fee, (Includes One Hour In-Office Consult
if Required)

In Office Consults $375 flat fee, one hour limit

Discounts (Subject to change)

First Response Personnel, Hospital Workers,
Teachers, School Administrators, Government
Workers, Church Employees. 7.5%

Active Duty Military, Veterans, Disabled. 10%

Thank you for choosing us to assist you through this difficult time.