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Saturday, August 31st, 2019

Finalist, Steen Reynolds Trial Competition, University of Mississippi School of Law 2003,
N.B.I. Certified Divorce Instructor, 2014, 2018 Mississippi Top Ten Family Lawyer, N.A.F.L.

2019, 2020 Cost Guide (Including Discounts)
*Please Attempt To Find Agreement if Possible in Order to Significantly Reduce Costs

*Prices May be Slightly Higher if Outside of the Jackson, MS Metropolitan Area

No-Fault Divorce/Agreed Paternity and Visitation Matters (ALL terms must be agreed upon for the following No-Faults/Agreed Matters) All Are Flat Fees…Please Note that a FULL Agreement is Required. Modifying Terms After Agreement Will Likely Result in Additional Fees at an Hourly Rate of $250.

Without Children, No Property- $750.

With Children, No Property- $875.

With Property, No Children- $850.

With Children AND Property- $975.

Agreed Paternity and Custody/Visitation- $875.

Contested and Fault Based Matters
(no agreement)

Divorce with Custody Features- $4,500. (retainer)
@ $260/hr.

Divorce without Custody Features- $4,000.
(retainer) @ $225/hr.

High Asset Divorce, with or without Custody
Features (Over $250,000 combined net worth)
$7,500 (retainer) @ $260/hr.

Custody (or Paternity and Custody)- $4,500.
(retainer) @ $260/hr.

Paternity and Visitation, No Custody Issues
$3,500 flat fee

Custody Modification, with or without Contempt
$5,000 (retainer) @ $275/hr.

Emergency Custody Matters $5,000 (retainer)

Contempt Only, No Custody Issues $4,000.
(retainer) @ $260/hr.

Adoption/Parental Right Termination. $7,500.
(retainer) @ $275/hr.


Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreements $1,200,
maximum of 5 hours ($250/hr. thereafter)

Document Review Without In Office Consult
$375, 1.5 hour maximum

File/Document Review and Assessments $750
flat fee, (Includes One Hour In-Office Consult
if Required)

In Office Consults $375 flat fee, one hour limit

Discounts (Subject to change)

First Response Personnel, Hospital Workers,
Teachers, School Administrators, Government
Workers, Church Employees. 7.5%

Active Duty Military, Veterans, Disabled. 10%

Thank you for choosing us to assist you through this difficult time.